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Mitrecic teases OC exit from Worcester

By Brian Gilliland | Apr 12, 2018
Joe Mitrecic

(April 13, 2018) During the discussion of the Sheriff’s Office overtime line item in its budget review session before the county commissioners this week, Ocean City’s Commissioner Joe Mitrecic revealed the resort is considering breaking away from Worcester County.

“I’ve sat here every year and we seem to blame Ocean City for our overtime woes. The last time I looked Ocean City is still part of this county,” he said.

As part of Worcester County it’s entitled to protection by the Sheriff’s Office, Mitrecic continued.

“We have [blamed Ocean City], and we continue to do so, and it’s very offensive to me. Again Ocean City, as far as I know, is still part of this county,” Mitrecic said. “Now, they may change that shortly if they can, but until they do, it’s our duty in this budget to protect Ocean City.”

Asked to explain during a break in the meeting, Mitrecic said he spoke based on rumors he heard.

“That’s the scuttlebutt,” he said.

Ocean City Mayor Rick Meehan said following the meeting that no formal discussions of secession had occurred between mayor and council at this point, but he was aware that some council members were discussing it by themselves.

Meehan did not identify the council members.

“I think it’s the result of our frustration over the tax differential,” Meehan said.

The resort is currently suing the county over a proposed tax setoff that the resort has sought for years. No court date has been set for the decision.

Meehan, who has been in public office since the 1980s, said the resort had discussed this option previously, but he wasn’t certain when.

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